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1. (verb) to come together; assemble 

2. (noun) a mass of molten glass collected on the end of a blowpipe (verb) to collect molten glass on the end of a tool

3. (noun) Canada's first and only glassblowing studio and craft brewery

Since 1985 the Gray family, first Kevin Gray, and then his son Michael, have operated a much loved, highly successful glassblowing studio and gallery in the historic village of Merrickville, Ontario. Over the years Gray Art Glass has had to pivot and grow to meet the needs of our fantastic customers, and to keep in step with the evolving creative direction of our amazing artists and dedicated team. It is with great excitement that we are announcing the start of a new chapter by expanding our business to include an on-site brewery and tap-house!

Gray Art Glass will be closing its doors at the end of 2023 to begin this exciting new adventure. We will be renovating our hot-shop to build a bespoke artisanal brewery, expanding our bar to add taps for our delicious craft beers, and adding seating to our fully accessible gallery and patio to host even more visitors to our space!

We will still be creating the beautiful, handcrafted glass you have come to love, but our focus will be on hosting events, workshops and experiences!

We are so excited to share our love of glass and craft beer with you, and we are fully committed to bringing the same passion for quality and craftsmanship that has defined our success over the past 34+ years into this new venture, but we can't do it alone. We would love to have your help, and so we have created some special products and offerings to allow you to support our exciting new chapter!

We're working hard to have all these offerings, as well as our new space, available in Spring / early Summer 2024, and we will work directly with you to schedule all the experiences and events around your availability.

We are incredibly thankful for the unwaivering loyalty and support of our customers and community over the years, and can't wait to GATHER with you in our new space!

With appreciation & gratitude,
Michael Gray & the Gray Art Glass Team

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