Why use stemless wine glasses?

A good vino deserves to be served in a beautiful glass. Our go-to is our hand blown stemless wine glass. But why? Keep reading to see our top three reasons for going stemless!

Easy to Story and Use

Delicate stemware looks lovely, but it can be a struggle to store and be a bit precarious on a table while serving, given its top heavy nature. Stemless on the other hand sit securely in place when set down, so your chance of spilling that precious vintage or breaking a stem is minimized. 

Versatility for Beverage Serving

Although some wine aficionados still prefer stemware, many wines taste just as lovely out of a stemless glass. The bonus? Stemless can easily be used for other beverages too, like sparkling water, cocktails, or even juice or soda.

Lower Price Point

Hand made stemware can be pricey, as it takes more time and precision to create. Sometimes you don't feel like dedicating that much money to your glassware though, and that's where stemless comes through again. It's fun and functional at a lower price point, and who doesn't love that?!

Now after all that, are you looking to add to your own wine glass collection? Explore our array of stemless wine glasses! We even have ones with silver and gold leaf if you're feeling extra fancy.


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