What is the Tree of Life?

If you've been looking for a special gift to represent growth and stability, our Tree of Life glass balls may be just the thing.

What is a Tree of Life?

With variations dating back to Ancient Egyptian mythology, the Bronze Age in Northern England, and even the Celtic Druids, the Tree of Life is a symbol of various concepts across many religions, philosophies, and spirituality.

What does the Tree of Life represent?

Growth and Strength

The Tree of Life is often viewed as a symbol of growth and strength, with branches reaching up into the sky and roots expanding into the ground to hold it still, in much the same way a person grows as they gain knowledge and experience.


With no two trees the same, the Tree of Life can also symbolize one's growth into becoming their own individual person, continuing to grow and change over time in their own unique way.


In much the same way that a tree loses its leaves in the fall and grows anew in the spring, the Tree of Life can also represent a fresh start and new life. 

Connection to the World

With its roots and branches stretched out, the Tree of Life often symbolizes a vast interconnectedness. It serves as a reminder that one is never alone, but instead always connected to nature and to the rest of the the world.

Connection to Family

In much the same way as it represents a connectedness to the rest of the world, the Tree of Life can also symbolize a connection to one's family and ancestors, with roots linking past and future generations and the branches representing the growth of a family.

How do you make a Tree of Life Ball?

To create a Tree of Life ball, a bubble is blown into a gather of molten glass and the bottom is poked into the top and sides of the bubble as it’s blown out.

To see it for yourself, watch the video below. 


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